Marketing Innovation: Chevy Sonic’s Extreme Launch

The folks at Chevrolet are looking for anything but a typical car launch for the all-new Chevy Sonic.   To show they mean business, they’ve already launched the car out of a plane and over the edge of a 100 foot tower strapped to a giant bungee cord (with some help from online viewers.)    You can check out both of these Sonic stunts via their microsite.


Technology Highlight: BrandTable Makes Ordering Easy

Imagine this – you’re at the mall and instead of waiting in line at the food court just so you can deal with some punk kid with an attitude, you can just sit a table and swipe your phone to order a delicious, greasy meal.    With NFC (Near Field Communication) technology and this innovative BrandTable concept, that’s exactly what you’ll be doing.    The punk kid with an attitude is still going to have to give you your food though… for now.

Pop Culture: Dave Coulier Can’t Get Arrested

Full House veterans Dave Coulier (Joey Gladstone) and Jodie Sweetin (Stephanie Tanner) have reunited for a five-episode web series called Can’t Get Arrested.  The duo plays themselves – along with a guest role from Saved By The Bell’s Dennis Haskins (Mr. Belding) , portraying life after sitcom-stardom in a series that clearly owes a lot to Curb Your Enthusiasm.     The main difference with that show though – besides airing on HBO and starring Larry David – is that Curb is actually funny.

Things You May Have Missed

Pop Culture: Muppet Movie Etiquette

In preparation for next month’s return to the silver screen, The Muppets can now be seen daily at AMC theaters everywhere in this hilarious pre-film etiquette intro.   Their upcoming film, simply titled The Muppets, hits theaters November 23rd and we’re pretty sure Neil Hamel (of the Innovations team) is already in line for tickets.   Wocka, wocka, wocka!

Technology Highlight: Clone Your Face with a 3D Printer

If you ever wanted a creepy clone of yourself but never had the cash to hire a team of genetic scientists, here’s the next best thing – a mask of your face created by high-tech 3D printers.    Just in time for Halloween, you can order one of these for just a measly $4,000 from Japanese company Real-f.   If only they had these back when Face/Off came out, things would have been much less painful for Nicolas Cage and John Travolta.

Marketing Innovation: Just Dance 3 Autodance App

To promote the launch of Just Dance 3 on video game consoles, Ubisoft has launched Just Dance 3 Autodance  — a new iPhone application that automatically creates personalized dance videos comprised of random clips of you and your friends recorded through your phone.  If you already felt awkward and silly dancing to the video game, you’ll absolutely love the app, because you can upload the videos to Youtube for the entire world to see.