ID \\ Monday, October 12, 2009

Good afternoon, and welcome to this week’s Monday edition of the Innovations Team’s newsletter, ID, or Innovations Digest; our download of what’s happening in the world of Pop-Culture, Technology, Music, Online Video, and Marketing.   As we are continually trying to make this a useful resource for you, please feel free to reach out to us with any feedback.


Your Innovations Team

Pop Culture:

  • This pop culture reference is brought to you by the letter “D.” Sesame street is all about pop culture these days. This time they’ve spoofed the iPod commercials to bring you the letter “D,” for dancing.
  • An American institution, The Simpsons, played up the social media craze. In the new episode, Bart’s 4th grade class are given 20 minutes of Twittering homework a night. Expect to see them play on more social media sites and crazes.

Technology Highlights:

  • If you’re a mobile multitasker, this might be a dream come true – and crazy speculation or not, a dual screen laptop would allow even more in-your-face content at all times.

Marketing Innovation:

  • Volkswagen set out with the goal to get people to change just by making ordinary things more fun. That’s exactly what they did by turning a set of stairs at the Odenplan subway station into a giant piano. Each step represented a different note. Suddenly, the escalator seemed obsolete. It was also one of the top viral video of the week on YouTube.
  • If you’ve ever been to NYC and seen a top side view, you probably noticed the giant wooden water tanks on top of virtually every roof. Those tanks have been built by Rosenwach Tanks for over 100 years. For the launch of NYC’s newest public park, the High Line, Rosenwach quenched everyone’s thirst by building one of their tanks into the World’s largest lemonade stand.

Music of the Week:

To keep you in the know we will tap industry tastemakers to help deliver a set of weekly picks. Our resident DJ is Douglas Caballero, the face of music for Current TV.  You can grab the songs that Douglas has picked from the link below.

Jamie T – “Sticks n Stones”

Sort of the male version of Lily Allen, but with musical chops. UK fave rock/hip hop bedroom producer released his 2nd album to much acclaim in England.

Lenny Kravitz (Justice Remix) – “Let Love Rule”

90’s hit refashioned into a crunchy disco hipster dance groove courtesy of French DJ superheroes Justice.

Brother Ali – “Best@it”

Who says rap without bling and boob rhymes has to be boring? Rising albino “thinking man’s” MC from Wisconsin dropped his 6th studio album “Us” full of smart rhymes and catchy beats.

Douglas on Current:
Twitter: dcaballero

Viral of the Week:

  • The Call of Duty game franchise has been a massive hit – and last week, it’s “Modern Warfare 2: Infamy” preview grabbed the top spot on YouTube with over 2 million views.

Innovations Viral Pick:

  • It’s not in English, but you don’t have to understand the words to get the humor out of the portraits this artist created with dead flies.

Other Cool Stuff:

This week’s contributors:

Marcus Heisser

Ezra Cooperstein

Neil Hamel


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