ID \\ Monday October 19, 2009

Good morning, and welcome to this week’s Monday edition of the Innovations Team’s newsletter, ID, or Innovations Digest; our download of what’s happening in the world of Pop-Culture, Technology, Music, Online Video, and Marketing.

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Your Innovations Team

Pop Culture:
• You may have heard, and you may have cried, but all the tears in the world won’t bring Miley Cyrus back to Twitter. The teen pop sensation has quit Twitter, but her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, continues to Tweet his achy-breaky heart out and Jimmy Fallon wanted you to know that…in rap form.

• It has been a rough year to be a celebrity as many prominent names have passed on, leaving us normal folk sad and wondering. However, on the bright side, Zach Braff – star of Scrubs and Garden State – is NOT dead, unlike the rumors heard round the internet. And just to be sure, he published a video to prove that he’s alive and well.

Technology Highlights:
• Let the e-book battles BEGIN! Amazon has the Kindle, Barnes & Noble is slated to release its own color e-book, and LG has announced its solar powered e-book. Who will win in the battle of next gen reading?

• You remember that time you were giving a stranger funny looks because they were spinning their iPhone, and subsequently, their head and body in all directions? It’s probably because they were playing a game that takes advantage of an iPhone’s accelerometer. Well, expect to give even funnier looks as we start to see even more accelerometer-equipped laptops. We’ll be spinning all over the place.

Marketing Innovation:
• I love it when my grocery store is entertaining. Grocery shopping is frustrating, but it’s made slightly better when they go the extra mile to put a smile on my face as soon as I walk in by, oh, I don’t know…building a giant retro Donkey Kong out of soda boxes. Also note the Super Mario one below it. Those were some hellish overnight shifts!

• Thinking about rolling out an ambient ad soon? You might want to check out these 33 cool and creative ambient ads. We totally of the giant forks on Wednesday, but alas, they’ve already been done! Back to the drawing board.

Music of the Week:
To keep you in the know we will tap industry tastemakers to help deliver a set of weekly picks. Our resident DJ is Douglas Caballero, the face of music for Current TV. You can grab the songs that Douglas has picked from the link below.

Noisettes vs Kanye West – “Amazing Heartbeat (The Cataracts Remix)”
Mick Boogie is on a roll. This time mashing up Kanye’s “808 & Heartbreaks” with UK pop rock band Noisettes with some new MC’s thrown in for good measure to create “Wild Young Heartbreak”.

Vampire Weekend – “Horchata”
The love children of Paul Simon and Peter Gabriel have established themselves as the princes of indie pop and they’ve just leaked the first single from their highly anticipated sophomore album. Who knew my favorite drink at the taqueria could be so catchy?

A Fine Frenzy – “Blow Away”
Is it in the Bible that all talented female piano pop singers have to be ridiculously beautiful? Or just a fortuitous coincidence? Either way, Alison Sudol aka A Fine Frenzy has made an infectious sophomore album destined to be the soundtrack of many girls this Fall.

Douglas on Current:
Twitter: dcaballero

Viral of the Week:
• Remember how we told you in pop-culture that Miley quit twitter? We weren’t kidding – and either was Jimmy Fallon. Miley stole the YouTube spotlight again this week with her rap about how and why she quit Twitter.

Innovations Pick:
• In case you slept through September, or had actual work to do (aren’t they the same?) – here are September’s top 10 most watched web series by views.

Other Cool Stuff:
Chad Ochocinco iPhone App

Family Guy Windows 7

Giant hand augmented reality crushes pedestrians

Library parking lot looks like books

Helicopter boys – Japanese pop sensations – Nikon camera projector

iPhone/iPod FM Radio app with direct iTunes purchase

Flip video camera has direct facebook uploads

San Fran opens 311 API

Shape shifting robot

iPhone app lets you give work to Kenyan refugees

Zynga opens Fishville (like Farmville)

Facebook 3D coaching football game

This week’s contributors:
Tammy Salama
Marcus Heisser
Karintha Touton
Ezra Cooperstein
Neil Hamel


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