ID \\ Monday October 26, 2009

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Your Innovations Team

Pop Culture:

  • Two weeks ago we showed you the first ever music video filmed on an iPhone. This week, John Mayer became the first artist to create an augmented reality music video that puts you, the viewer, as an extra in the background. The video is for his new song “Heartbreak Warfare” from his upcoming album Battle Studies.

  • LED has been the hit new technology from TVs to Eyelashes and Eyeballs. What? Yup! Eyelashes and Eyeballs! A new Asian trend are LED lights that attach to your eyelashes – they’re supposed to make your eyes pop. And since 2004, scientists have been working on LED overlays on contacts – it’s some freaky stuff! Like, Terminator style, freaky stuff!

Technology Highlights:

  • Augmented reality is all around us (or is that just reality?). Either way, we’re seeing it more, some good, others, better luck next time. One of the best uses we’ve seen so far is this first person shooter video game built on Nvidia’s Tegra by some Georgia Tech students.

  • I’m pretty sure this robotic cheetah is Terminator’s pet, and it scares the crap out of us. Is this what zoos will be filled with someday? I think cages will need to be reinvented.

Marketing Innovation:

  • It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s FLOGOS! Flogos are logos that fly! They’re soap based foam formulations made with lighter-than-air gases such as helium.

  • Windows 7 launched this week and Microsoft has been about all things seven. They’ve even gone so far as to do a promotion with Burger King in Japan for the Windows 7 Whopper – complete with 7 beef patties – which sounds great, if you’re into that whole cardiac arrest thing.

Music of the Week:

To keep you in the know we will tap industry tastemakers to help deliver a set of weekly picks. Our resident DJ is Douglas Caballero, the face of music for Current TV.  You can grab the songs that Douglas has picked from the link below.

Mr Hudson – “Learning To Live”

UK R&B rock newcomer and Kanye protege is taking Britain by storm. Sounds like: if Sting and Peter Gabriel had a baby.

Clipse feat Cam’ron – “Popular Demand (Popeyes)”

My favorite money rapper duo Clipse invite my favorite looney “no snitchin” “no homo” rapper Cam’ron on to their upcoming LP “Til The Casket Drops.” Lyrics so self important I can’t even think about anything other than myself right now.

Phoenix – “Fences (Boombass RMX)”

France’s best pop rock band have released an authorized collection of remixes of their latest release “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix.” For fans of: un-ironic dancing by white people.

Douglas on Current:
Twitter: dcaballero

Viral of the Week:

Innovations Pick:

  • We may be able to come up with some kick ass ideas over here in Innovations, but no one innovates like Mother Nature. BBC captured this incredible footage of the Bouncing Pebble Toad who has developed a unique defensive strategy against tarantulas that involves freefalling like a rubber ball. It’s awesome!

Other Cool Stuff:

Absolutely incredible works of art created by British artist Alan Jaras using light refraction through transparent materials. See it to believe it!

I’m on a boat parody balloon boy I’m in a Box

Bill Cosby aggressively hitting social media

U2 Rose Bowl concert streaming live to YouTube

Google phone possibly on the way

My Space launches Hulu for music videos

Facebook adds digital music to gift store

Sony smashes PS3 into Bravia TV

Band integrates with Google street view

Vodaphone plays Tchaikovsky’s 1812 overture using 1000 synchronized cell phones

Microsoft finally makes a funny video

Most expensive SUV

Parahawing skydiving with hawks

Civilization coming to Facebook

This week’s contributors:
Tammy Salama
Marcus Heisser
Brien Downie
Ezra Cooperstein
Neil Hamel


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