ID \\ Monday November 2, 2009

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Your Innovations Team


Pop Culture:

  • These kids got an A for coloring inside the lines. To raise money for the children’s hospice charity Hope House, artist Katy Webster had dozens of adults and kids paint-by-numbers and piece together the largest Mona Lisa in the world. It is approximately 50 times the size of the original and is on display on the floor of the Eagles Meadow mall in Wales.

  • Last week was the Chiant Mai Yi Peng Festival, a Buddhist holy day in Thailand. One tradition of the festival is to light up lanterns and float them up into the sky – meant to relieve one’s bad luck for a more auspicious life. It’s a pretty amazing sight to see – and doing something similar could be a really cool PR stunt.


Technology Highlights:

  • Now you can be a guitar hero wherever you go – not just in your own living room! This shirt has a picture of a guitar on it and a small amplifier that clips on your belt. Using a magnetic pick you strum the shirt where the strings would be, and push down on frets on the neck of the guitar – it actually works. Rock on!

  • I am in serious need of a “Mr. Wake.” This robotic alarm clock can sense when your hand is coming near it to shut it off. It then drives away so you have to get out of bed and chase it to turn it off. It’s just a prototype – but my name is already on the list.

Marketing Innovation:

  • If you like bringing attention to your arm pits (who doesn’t?), then you should get one of these jackets. Right Guard tested a new concept using digital screens built into the armpits of jackets. The hope is that when people hold their arms up while standing on public transportation the digital screens in the armpit of the jacket will turn on and display an ad for those around them to watch.

  • I hope these flies were thoroughly disinfected before they pulled this stunt. Someone at German book company, Eichborn, successfully tied small banner ads to hundreds of flies and set them loose upon the attendants at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Annoying. Disgusting. Effective?

Music of the Week:

To keep you in the know we will tap industry tastemakers to help deliver a set of weekly picks. Our resident DJ is Douglas Caballero, the face of music for Current TV.  You can grab the songs that Douglas has picked from the link below.


Wolfmother – “Sundial”

Zeppelin + Sabbath + Rage Against The Machine = this new track by Australia’s best rock export. Thank goodness their hiatus didn’t turn into a break up before they could release their sophomore album. Rawk!


Drake, Kanye West, Lil’ Wayne Remixed by Kashmere Productions – “Forever (Hope Rmx)”

LA producer Kashmere takes hip hop “it” kid Drake’s a capellas (along with Weezy, Yeezy & Em) and drops an orchestral “space jam” under it – perfect bedroom music.


50 Cent – “Baby By Me (Feat. Ne-Yo)”

After losing his last high profile bet to Kanye in 2007, Curtis is back with new album “Before I Self Destruct.” Gone is the sensitive side that he showed on his last album – almost. This single pairs him with pop prince Ne-Yo and is most definitely headed straight to the top of the charts.


Douglas on Current:
Twitter: dcaballero

Viral of the Week:

  • U2 brought YouTube the largest event in the company’s history last week when they streamed their show from the Rose Bowl live to YouTube. It garnered over 10million live streams across 7 continents and has since been viewed another 1.8million times! If you’ve got 2 hours and/or love U2, it’s worth watching.

Innovations Pick:

  • In the spirit of Halloween – last week – we bring you the “Vampire Reunion.” This CollegeHumor video brings all the famous pop-culture vampires together to conspire to take over the world. It’s actually not that funny until the Count from Sesame Street shows up. “4! 4 Vampires! Ah Ha Ha!”



Other Cool Stuff:

United broke this guy’s guitar and he wrote a famous song about it. They then flew him to give a speech to executives on customer service – and lost his luggage. He spent an hour at baggage claim. Way to go United – keep up the good work!

Lego’s got a TV show!

Your phone completes the picture

Not smiling enough? This hat is sure to fix that.

Uneven feet shoe swap network

Google Music is now live

Google maps navigation



This week’s contributors:

Marcus Heisser

Karintha Touton

Brien Downie

Ezra Cooperstein

Neil Hamel


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