ID \\ Monday November 9, 2009

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Your Innovations Team

Pop Culture:

  • Volvo’s new S60 has yet to be revealed to the general public. To give its debut even more suspense, Volvo created a mini documentary of blind artist Esref Armagan painting the new S60. It’s an incredible process he goes through to paint it, and a cool painting to boot.

Technology Highlights:

  • Back to the Future hover cars get closer to reality everyday. No, this concept car doesn’t hover – but it DOES have LTE 4G network capability with a touchscreen experience that promises video on demand, gaming, ecommerce, a wifi hotspot, real-time GPS updates, real-time traffic and weather data, and road and vehicle monitoring.

  • Speaking of real life getting close to futuristic movies, AT&T introduces Minority Report style advertising. Ok, it’s not quite like that, they don’t scan your eyes, but they do scan your phone. The idea is that you can walk around a city with a phone in your pocket and get alerted when a nearby retailer has a deal for you. These retailers are able to push these coupons to your phone via SMS.

Marketing Innovation:

  • Volkswagen’s “Fun Theory” project that brought you the piano staircase is back. This time they’ve made an ordinary bottle bank more fun by turning it into “whack-a-mole” style game. There are several holes on the face of the bottle bank with lights above them, when the light turns on, put a bottle in before it turns off to earn points. Most points wins.

  • I guess even politicians can get creative sometimes. Brooklyn City Council candidate Joe Nardiello blanketed the windshields of his would-be constituents with fake – but very realistic – parking tickets touting his candidacy. It didn’t go over so well, and this may be the one profession where bad publicity is actually bad publicity.

Music of the Week:

To keep you in the know we will tap industry tastemakers to help deliver a set of weekly picks. Our resident DJ is Douglas Caballero, the face of music for Current TV.  You can grab the songs that Douglas has picked from the link below.

Amerie – “Heard ‘Em All (Remix) Ft. Lil’ Wayne (Bonus)”

Grammy nominated soul and pop diva/actress releases her 5th studio album with requisite guest rap from Weezy. Destiny’s Child for the oughts.

Wale – “TV In The Radio Ft. K’Naan (Produced By David Andrew Sitek)”

One To Watch: DC “it” rapper’s debut album is FINALLy here with production from the best of the best producers: Mark Ronson, The Neptunes and… of all people… indie band TV On The Radio. Song also features up and coming Somali rapper K’NAAN.

Tegan & Sara – “Arrow”

Canadian identical female twins release 6th album full of catchy indie synth rock. Very very catchy…

Douglas on Current:
Twitter: dcaballero

Viral of the Week:

  • The top video on YouTube last week was Taylor Swift being scared by Ellen Degeneres. However, we couldn’t pass up showing you one of the other top videos. A man working in a warehouse storing bottles of cognac and vodka, lost control of his fork lift and slammed into one of the racks which created a domino effect, breaking thousands of bottles and trapping him underneath. The man was ok, but talk about a bad day.

Innovations Pick:

Other Cool Stuff:

Poor man’s invisibility cloak

Pizza Hut iPhone app has generated $1 Million in sales

New Sony Erickson phones

The Peek – a Twitter only mobile device

Top internet memes of 2009

The prisoners that brought you the Thriller dance now cover a Queen medley

Creatively repurposed subway train cars

Stop motion video of Denver to Singapore and back

This week’s contributors:

Dave Rosner

Marcus Heisser

Brien Downie

Ezra Cooperstein

Neil Hamel


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