ID \\ Monday November 16, 2009

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Your Innovations Team

Pop Culture:

  • By now you’ve probably heard of TOMS Shoes – buy a pair and they give a pair to a child in need – we dig that concept, and so does Kevin Rose. The founder of Digg has partnered with TOMS Shoes to offer Diggs – the Digg branded TOMS shoe. These are limited kicks, get ‘em while they got ‘em – and help a child in need.

  • MySpace is getting in the live streaming game. In an attempt to thwart the wildly successful live U2 show YouTube brought you, MySpace will stream the live New Moon red carpet premier TONIGHT! The program will feature red carpet interviews with celebrities and the New Moon stars.

  • As most everyone knew – thanks to Google’s constantly changing logo last week – it was Sesame Street’s 40th Birthday last week and we wanted to give a special Happy Birthday shout out. Kids today don’t know what they’re missing.

Technology Highlights:

  • Looking to use your iPhone for Bond style spying? There’s an add-on for that. This iPhone camera case/lense/stand combo gets you 8x optical zoom with impressive clarity – self destruct not included.

  • Lost something and trying to retrace your steps? Let Google help with that – Google Latitude can now tell you where you’ve been. Google Latitude is a mobile app and whenever it’s on, it records your location. Only you can see your location history, but you can turn on alerts to notify friends when you are at certain locations – like your favorite bar.

Marketing Innovation:

  • On Alice and Wonderland Disney is bypassing the press middle man and going straight to the fan base. Normally released to media publications and bloggers first, Disney released two new Alice and Wonderland posters straight to the hands of fans on Facebook and Flickr. Power to the people.

  • Custom, custom everywhere, and hopefully someone sees it. This company specializes in creating customized bar codes for clients who want to grab customers’ attention. This begs the question, how often do you look at a products bar code?

Viral of the Week:

Innovations Pick:

  • Hotel, Motel, Holiday IN THE SKY! A Barcelona based company aiming to open the first hotel is space is still on track to open in 2012 and already has 43 paying customers at $4.4 Million a room. The Galactic Suite Space Resort will allow guests three nights in an orbital pod room where you can crawl around in Velcro suits. Beam us up, Scotty!

Other Cool Stuff:

Lady Gaga iOki karaoke iPhone app

Foursquare looking for leaderboard sponsors

Netflix for fashion

Mashable’s SXSW Mashbash needs sponosors

Roomba pacman

Knocking, iPhone picture sharing, share 100 photos instantly

Esquire Augmented Reality

Top 10 most watched web series October

Girl punching and pulling hair in soccer video rises fast

Free Wi-fi for holiday travelers provided by sponsors

Wi-Fi enabled, auto-tweeting scale

Launch of Clicker: TV Guide for the web

How kids today learn the alphabet

Google wants to be your phone company

Results of skippable ad tests on Youtube: Step your creative up and you will win big

Book cover purses

Bumper cars turned into real cars

This week’s contributors:

Tiffany Wagner

Dave Rosner

Marcus Heisser

Brien Downie

Neil Hamel


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