ID \\ Monday December 14, 2009

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Pop Culture:

  • Apple revealed the top songs, albums, movies, TV shows, and apps of 2009. “Boom Boom Pow” by the Black Eyed Peas took the top song spot, while the Kings of Leon album “Only By the Night” took the top album spot. Twilight took the cake in movies, while Mad Med Season 3 took the crown in TV. The Sims was the top selling game, and MobileNavigator North America was the top selling app – probably because it costs $89.99. took the second app spot, and it’s free.

  • Social Media and charity go together like peas and carrots – it just makes sense. Ben Stiller has a new charity called Stillerstrong and he’s using viral videos, Twitter, and a little help from the celebrity community. He’s asked Ryan Seacrest to retweet Stillerstrong messages to his 2.6 million followers, and he’s also asked the celebrity producer/host to star in his latest viral flick – Bad Boys 3.

Technology Highlights:

  • Pandora is coming to your car. Pandora is working with car manufacturers to support Pandora via in dash controls. This would work using a tethered-handset mode that would connect the mobile device by Bluetooth or another technology to the dash for playback. They already have a deal with Ford and its SYNC technology.

  • AT&T is probably seeing spikes in data usage because there is now LIVE video streaming from the iPhone, thanks to Ustream. The app works on 3G and Wifi and supports live polling of viewers, displays chat room messages, serves up viewer count, can transmit your location via GPS, and allows you to adjust the resolution – and it’s all FREE!

Marketing Innovation:

  • Jessica Biel, Lupe Fiasco, Kenna and other well known celebrities and entrepreneurs will be climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro for charity on January 7th, and they’re using social media to help. The goal is to bring over 2.5 million liters of water to those in need. Every step of the way they will be uploading pictures, videos, and tweeting about their progress to help raise awareness of the 1 billion people that don’t have access to clean water. And, for every person that joins the Summit on the Summit Facebook Cause Page, or watches a web video from the climbers, HP will donate $1, the equivalent of 100 liters of water. In addition, for every $1 someone donates, HP will match it, up to $25,000. ntel, PUR, the United Nations Foundation and Eddie Bauer are also partners in the effort. The money raised will go to several charities working toward bringing clean water to others, specifically Children’s Safe Drinking Water, UNHCR and PlayPumps International.

Music of the Week:

To keep you in the know we will tap industry tastemakers to help deliver a set of weekly picks. We’d like to welcome our new resident DJ, Davis Powers, the Vice President of music for Current TV.  You can grab the songs that Davis has picked from the link below.

Mission of Burma: 1,2,3 Party
Don’t let anyone tell you Mission of Burma is “work” to listen to.  These pointy post-punk pop pioneers from Boston give some direction to their lineage in this tune—Dead Boys, Roxy Music, New York Dolls.  This is a newish tune (Oct. 2009/Matador Records) but its important that you start here and work your way back and listen to this band– because about a million other bands have done so since 1979.  Start with “Forget” and have a Gatorade after.

Mose Allison:  My Brain
I had no idea who this cat was until started I listened to Tom Petty’s “Buried Treasure” show on XM. He plays some of his old stuff all the time and then last week a promo arrived on my desk from ANTI (who BTW is fearless in who they sign and we should all love them for it).  So I Googled him and holy S$%# the guy is a jazz legend.  Mose’s brain is responsible for over 20 great albums spanning over 40 years.  Thank you Mose—we will start with this one called “Let It Come Down”.

Effect:  Last Night We Had Sex (Mixtape)
This came in from Boston producer/rapper Effect who made a mixtape using all VICE Records artists.  This one samples Jay Reatard for an aggressive turn of events about the night before.  Effect boasts some Eminem similarities in his delivery but references more music knowledge then that of marital issue.  And he adds some solid studio production to give this mixtape some teeth.  Effect is just breaking through the New England scene—help him get this out there.

For more information, you can email Davis at

Viral of the Week:

  • The Muppets, like everyone else, have been embracing social media as they’ve pushed out viral video hits such as their rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody, which now has over 10 million views. Here’s their latest – Carol of the Bells.

Innovations Pick:

  • Musician Eugene Cheung used Google Street View to create an awesome music video which depicts a drive down to a film set in LA. As he says, “Do you remember where you were when you felt the most motivated in life? I was here and this song brought everything to life each morning.”

Other Cool Stuff:

Google Goggles – see it to believe it

The Droid is TIME’s gadget of the year

Become JetBlue Facebook fan and win free travel for a year

Hulu for magazines is official but still without a name

Dell rides Twitter to $6.5 million in sales

Vevo launched, and crashed, and launched again

Discovery reveals where dinosaurs originated

Apple tablet is real and pitching to the publishing industry

More Facebook changes (privacy controls) more backlash

This week’s contributors:

Dave Rosner

Tiffany Wagner

Shane Rodack

Marcus Heisser

Brien Downie

Neil Hamel


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