ID \\ Monday December 21, 2009

Good morning, and welcome to this week’s Monday edition of the Innovations Team’s newsletter, ID, or Innovations Digest; our download of what’s happening in the world of Pop-Culture, Technology, Music, Online Video, and Marketing.   This will be the last issue in 2009 – my how time flies!

Thank you for reading the ID blog. We hope this continues to be a convenient way for you to receive and read ID. For the rest of you who enjoy the email format, do not fret, we will continue to send that out as well.

Thank you for all your guidance, patience, and support as we attempt to make this a valuable resource and entertaining experience for all.

Happy Holidays!

Your Innovations Team

Pop Culture:

  • I don’t know what made him more famous, Punk’d or Twitter – but the man has certainly made a killing in social media. Ashton Kutcher – aka the person with the most followers on Twitter – is now attempting to conquer live online video. One of Kutcher’s productions, Katalyst HQ, is supposedly receiving “cable like viewing numbers” for its 3-minute webisodes. Now, they’re taking that into a new format, 30-minute, live, unscripted programming featuring Ashton and his to-be-named celebrity friends.

  • The first official trailer of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland hit the web on Wednesday, and it looks to be his weirdest/wildest creation yet. There’s no shocker that he wildly anticipated remake stars Burton’s good friend and little known actor, Johnny Dep – you may or may not have heard of him – as the Mad Hatter, and Burton’s partner – they’ve been engaged since 2001 – Helena Bonham Carter, as the Red Queen.

Technology Highlights:

  • Sony is bringing 3D home – and it’s going to make watching Top Gun that much sweeter – I feel the need…the NEED FOR SPEED! Sony will license RealD’s technology and equipment for use on its TVs and other products, and it’s due to hit store shelves sometime next year.

  • With the content you can download from iTunes and this little gadget, you might not need a TV soon. 3M announced plans to demo a half-inch wide projection unit that plugs into your handheld device at CES that can put up a 40-inch image. The LCoS projector is about the size of a wireless headset and tops out at VGA resolution.

Marketing Innovation:

  • JINGLES! JINGLES HERE! GET YOUR HOT BRAND LOVE JINGLES HERE!  You may or may not remember the I Wear Your Shirt experiment where everyday Jason Sadley wore a company’s shirt and everyday it cost $1 more – starting at $1 on January 1st and finally $365 on December 31st – it was incredibly successful. Now, hobby jingle maker, Love Harnell, is using the same pricing model with love jingles. Starting on January 1, 2010, Harnell will cover, write and perform jingles for paying brands and individuals, and then use social media and his blog to share the videos with the world. Sign up quick because January is already sold out.

  • This might be the most creative ad banner unit we’ve ever seen. Axion – Dexia’s youth banking division – recorded 25 young, upcoming bands in special stages that were 728×90, 300×250, and 160×600 sized and displayed the concerts in 6 million banners across the web. Click “Benjik het Banner concert” to hear them play.

Music of the Week:

To keep you in the know we will tap industry tastemakers to help deliver a set of weekly picks. We’d like to welcome our new resident DJ, Davis Powers, the Vice President of music for Current TV.  You can grab the songs that Davis has picked from the link below.

As Davis said best, “Screw the year-end lists—here is some meaningful music to bring it home for the holidays..all gifts.”

We say, “Cheers to that!”

Arthur Russell:  Goodbye Old Paint
Really didn’t know anything about this cellist/disco artist until this year when his “Love Is Overtaking Me” comp was gifted to me.  What I can tell you is he writes earnestly one part Graham Parsons, one part Peter Brown.  Not sure if that makes any sense but upon listening to the sequencing of this comp you it may resonate better as you go from folk to dance in about 18 songs.  Touching on many genres, Arthur is at his best with “Goodbye Old Paint”.

Robert Palmer:  Sneaking Sally Through the Alley
Title track from this insanely funky first album from Robert Palmer (1974). The CD was a gift from a friend (who also included Little Feat’s amazingly recorded “Hoy Hoy” in the package).  Usually people equate listening to Robert Palmer albums as being difficult periods in their lives—like being in a personal and musical prison at some college in the 80’s.  Well they clearly never heard this album.  First listen I realized why the Little Feat album was included with is cover of “Sailin Shoes” and the small fact that Lowell George and The Meters back the whole album.

Minutemen: History Lesson Part II
I am reading “Our Band Could Be Your Life” which borrows the title from this very song.  Great book with compact history of the underground music scene with one chapter being on The Minutemen. They toured hard, they were as regimented as an army, and they proved that independence in thought and art could result in amazing 2 minute songs that challenged standard conventions of punk.  This song speaks volume to the ethos of the band but also their contemporaries Black Flag, Meat Puppets, and Mission to Burma (see last week’s newsletter).

For more information, you can email Davis at

Viral of the Week:

  • Twitter released it’s top trends of 2009. Michael Jackson took the cake in People, Harry Potter beat out New Moon in Movies, singing shows American Idol and Glee took the top spots in TV, and Google Wave was the most talked about product in Technology.

Innovations Pick:

  • When it comes to things people love, they go to great lengths – and people LOVE Christmas and Guitar Hero – especially this guy. He rigged guitar hero to his Christmas lights and his son plays it on their garage. It is really cool, but we would be more impressed if he could play on a higher level than beginner though – weak sauce!

Other Cool Stuff:

Keeping track of White House blackberries – sophistication

Comcast goes the route of Hulu, brings subscribers HBO and Cinemax shows online

Cowboy’s Stadium 3D scoreboard experiment doesn’t go well

Chris Brown deletes his Twitter account after his rants get him in trouble – again

Facebook consumes 5% of our time online

Trident Twitter print ad

This week’s contributors:

Dave Rosner

Tiffany Wagner

Shane Rodack

Marcus Heisser

Brien Downie

Neil Hamel


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