ID \\ Tuesday January 19, 2009

Good afternoon, and welcome to this week’s edition of the Innovations Team’s newsletter, ID, or Innovations Digest; our download of what’s happening in the world of Pop-Culture, Technology, Online Video, and Marketing.   As we are continually trying to make this a useful resource for you, please feel free to reach out to us with any feedback.

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Your Innovations Team

Pop Culture:

  • We may have found this year’s “William Hung” from American Idol – only this guy is actually hilarious, not just embarrassing. Last week we saw General Larry Platt perform his original song, “Pants on the ground,” and can’t seem to get it out of our heads. Now, you too can have fun singing “Pants on the ground! Pants on the ground! Looking like a FOOL with your pants on the ground!” over and over again. Everybody join in! Look even Brett Favre is pumping his team up with Pants on the ground!

Technology Highlights:

  • Google was granted a new patent that will allow them to digitally update (read: sell) billboards that were captured in Street View in order to keep content relevant (read: make more money). As the article notes, “It’s going to devise a code bot that will automatically recognize physical adverts in Street View imagery, and then there will be a system that lets Google re-sell the same advertising space digitally so that more up to date info is presented to Street View visitors.”

  • Red Bull has a really cool campaign called Red Bull: Inside Tahiti. It’s a 360 degree video experience that you control – it’s REALLY cool. Even in a standard online video screen you can sort of create an IMAX motion feel/experience and we haven’t seen anything else like it. Scroll to the bottom of the page and play the Lifestyle Montage video, then click and drag your cursor around the video screen.

Marketing Innovation:

  • Google recently released an awesome stop-motion video of tiny ninjas unboxing the new Nexus One which is quickly racking up views and buzz. For those unfamiliar with the term “unboxing, “ Urban Dictionary defines it as, “The Internet trend of showing photos or video from the unpacking of a retail box of some desirable product, such as the latest laptop or portable music player.” Others prefer to simply call it, “Geek porn.” Whatever you choose to call it, this is a cool video.

Viral of the Week:

  • As the CEO of this mobile manufacturer learned, if you’re going to say your product is something or can do something, in this case it’s “completely unbreakable,” you better make sure that it is true in every scenario possible – especially before you film it.

Innovations Pick:

  • PARENTAL ADVISORY – This week’s Innovations pick is rated PG-13 for not-so-subtle sexual innuendo – if you are easily offended, this isn’t for you. Axe released an edgy but absolutely hilarious video for their Axe Detailer, which is basically a souped-up loofah for men that is supposed to be used with Axe shower gel. We know this is edgy, but we at Innovations can’t just push this aside because it may be controversial. Sometimes, it takes controversy, and dare we say, cojones, to really step up and be innovative.

This week’s contributors:

Dave Rosner

Tiffany Wagner

Shane Rodack

Marcus Heisser

Brien Downie

Neil Hamel


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