ID // Tuesday February 16, 2010

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Welcome to this week’s edition of the Innovations Team’s newsletter, ID, or Innovations Digest; our download of what’s happening in the world of Pop-Culture, Technology, Online Video, and Marketing. We hope you had a fun and relaxing President’s Day weekend.

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Pop Culture:

  • In her long career, Barbie has had almost as many jobs as Homer Simpson, most of which have fit the sexist stereotype you’d expect – but not anymore! Mattel invited people to vote on Barbie’s next career from a number of choices and the winner – computer engineer. Best of luck in your future endeavors Barbie!

  •, a community where people come together to create web shows, recently released their version of the new Apple iPad commercial, starring The Situation from MTV’s hit new show, The Jersey Shore. It’s quite hilarious, poking fun at both the iPad’s name and features – or lack thereof – and The Situation’s – well – situation. “Check out these apps! BOOM!”

Technology Highlights:

  • Back in December Google announced a new 20% project – for those unaware, Google allows its engineers 1 day a week to work on “non job related projects” – called Liquid Galaxy. It is one of the coolest 20% projects to come out of Google. Liquid Galaxy is a series of eight LCD panels that surround the viewer in a wraparound view of Google Earth or Street View. Watch the demo video to see how it can virtually fly you around the world and under the sea – it’s pretty incredible.

  • Purell may be out of business when this doozey is ready for mass market. Engineers have found a way to use plasma – the same luminous gas found in neon signs, florescent tubes, and TV displays – at room temperature and pressure to zap germs, including the drug resistant supergerm MRSA. It works on fully exposed hands and feet in just 4 seconds, and it can even kill athletes foot through socks in just 25 seconds, while cleaning your socks in the process. That’s multitasking at its finest.

Marketing Innovation:

  • For it’s 60th birthday, Dunkin Donuts is bringing back its “Create Dunkin’s Next Donut” contest. It was a big success for them last year generating more than 130,000 donut submissions and 174,000 votes. Through March 8, 2010, anyone can create their own custom virtual donut. Donut submissions will be judged based on use of ingredients, donut name and the story behind the creation. Donuts will be judged internally for the top 12 finalists who get a $1,200 cash prize, a year’s worth of donuts, a Flip HD camcorder and a trip to Dunkin’ Donuts University to bake their donuts and meet with chefs. The top 12 are then voted on by users online and the grand prize winner takes home $12,000 and will have the honor of seeing their donut sold in stores for a limited time.

Viral of the Week:

Innovations Pick:

  • On February 15, controversial UK broadcast personality Tim Shaw will lock himself in a steel box that’s 3 feet high, 4.5 feet wide and 8 feet long, for 30 days – or until someone sets him free. He will have no clue as to where the box is located — only that it is somewhere significant to him. The only opening in the box is a small hatch to dispense food, water, and a daily clue. This entire spectacle will be broadcast live 24hrs/day via where he will share the clue with his viewers, who are tasked with finding Shaw by following along on the official website and highlighting his location via Google Maps. The viewer who correctly ascertains Shaw’s location — which will free him from confinement — will win £30,000. If no one guesses correctly, Shaw has to stay in the box for the full 30 days.

Other Cool Stuff:

HBO’s “How to Make it in America” to premiere free on YouTube

MyTown hits 1 Million users before Foursquare

Foursquare gets magazine deal with Lucky Magazine and Conde Nast

New York Times and Foursquare partner for the Olympics

If you hate mosquitos, you will love this “mosquito death ray”

Tweeting dog collar posts your dog’s movements to Twitter

The youngest speaker at TED advocates brands having “Kid’s Eye View.” HIGHLY RECOMMEND watching this 4min video interview.

Want to know where to follow the 2010 Winter Olympics online? Here’s a great guide

Muppets hit YouTube again, this time Beaker attempts to sing “Dust in the Wind.” Hilarious as always.

EA Sports to bring Madden to Facebook

Want to know how much that meeting you just fell asleep in cost your company? Meet or Die will tell you.

This week’s contributors:

Dave Rosner

Tiffany Wagner

Erin Hauswirth

Kenton Langstroth

Caroline Giegerich

Marcus Heisser

Shane Rodack

Brien Downie

Neil Hamel

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