ID \\ Monday March 22, 2010

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Pop Culture:

  • In all the consumer polls Microsoft’s Project Natal is coming out as the clear winner over Sony Playstation’s Move. However, Playstation’s latest Move commercial that takes a stab at Wii and Natal wins in the advertising contest. Playstation’s own Kevin Butler, VP of humorous adverts, comes at you from the future in this funny commercial. Give the video a watch if you want a good chuckle.

Technology Highlights:

  • GM has been working with several universities to develop an augmented reality based HUD (heads-up display) windshield. It uses a variety of sensors to gather data relevant to your surroundings and where your head is looking. The hope is that it will improve safety and advanced knowledge behind the wheel, visually identifying important objects in physical space like road signs and the edges of the road in poor visibility conditions. It can also bring GPS directly into the windshield by outlining the exact building you’re going to. It’s a cool concept – check out the video.

Marketing Innovation:

  • Visa is sponsoring the Pompeii exhibit at the National Museum of New Zealand in Wellington. It is a four month exhibit showcasing what life was like in Pompeii before rock and ash from Mt. Vesuvius engulfed the city. To promote this, Visa turned the baggage carousels in Wellington Airport into lava flows. It is a very cool execution – check it out in the pictures.

Viral of the Week:

  • There’s a new funny Chatroulette video circling the interwebs. This guy played improvisational piano songs about the people he connected with, and everyone really got a kick out of it. The video had over 3 million views on YouTube this week before mysteriously being taken down in the last hour. Apparently, Ben Folds did a similar stunt using Chatroulette while on stage at his concert. You can still see the video here on CollegeHumor.

Innovations Pick:

  • Heineken pulled off a great stunt last year and finally put up a video showcasing the making of and the results. In Italy, they staged a fake classical music concert at the same time as a crucial Real Madrid vs. AC Milan game on October 21st. There was no way that any real soccer fan would show up, unless their girlfriends, professors, and bosses (who were all in cahoots with Heineken) made them attend. More than 1,100 soccer fans got swindled, 1.5 million people saw their reactions on TV, and their site received 5 million views. It’s clever and funny – give it a look.

Other Cool Stuff:

Jon Stuart talks Chatroulette – hilarious

Facebook testing QR codes

Satire of Silicon Valley online TV series on the way

Google TV coming soon

McDonald’s Shamrock Shake Chicago River

This week’s contributors:

Dave Rosner

Tiffany Wagner

Erin Hauswirth

Kenton Langstroth

Caroline Giegerich

Marcus Heisser

Shane Rodack

Brien Downie

Neil Hamel


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