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You may be asking, “wait, do you mean special edition?” No – we mean ESpecial edition, because it’s ESPECIALly awesome – almost as awesome as that joke. You’ll just have to read and see for yourself.

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Pop Culture:

  • Conan O’Brien has found a new home at TBS because he’s very funny. Of course, he puts it best, “’In three months I’ve gone from network television to Twitter to performing live in theater, and now I’m headed to basic cable,’ O’Brien says in the statement. ‘My plan is working perfectly.’” We’re looking forward to the new show.

Technology Highlights:

  • On Friday, Steve Jobs announced that iPhone 4.0 OS will be coming in June. Whether or not it will be coming out on Verizon at that time is still up in the air, but they have revealed that there will be 100 new user features, seven of which are particularly important.
  1. Multitasking – now you can do things like listen to Pandora and write an email without the music being interrupted.
  2. Folders – it will be more organized as you can drag and drop apps onto each other to create app folders.
  3. Mail – you can now have a unified inbox, in case you have several email accounts.
  4. iBooks – was launched on the iPad last week, now in the iPhone and iPod touch.
  5. Enterprise – for those companies whose IT “couldn’t support” it – no longer an excuse.
  6. Game Center – think Xbox Live for the iPhone (AWESOME).
  7. iAd – Apple is getting in the mobile ad game by bringing the classic TV model to mobile, interactive video ads without leaving the app.

Another thing they didn’t mention, but is highly likely we will see on the new iPhone, is a front facing camera so that you can engage in video chat.

Marketing Innovation:

  • 13th Street, an NBC Universal owned television network specializing in action and suspense in France, Australia, Germany, Spain, and Benelux, launched the very cool, first ever interactive horror movie in theaters. A flyer handed out at the beginning of the film invites viewers to send their phone number to a speed dial database, the software randomly selects an audience member and calls them, then through voice recognition a dialogue takes places between the audience member and the character in the movie. It’s incredibly cool, watch the video to see how it works.

  • That wasn’t the only cool thing the folks at 13th Street have done. To promote the channel, they set up a bathroom at a night club in Hamburg with motion sensors and UV lights. When the motion sensors were triggered from someone washing their hands, the lights flickered then shut off followed by the UV lights turning on and revealing a “gruesome crime scene” with the words “13th Street, see what others don’t see.” It is really cool.

Viral of the Week:

  • Old Spice has been rocking the viral charts this week with their new spots that were directed by Tim and Eric of “Tim and Eric Awesome Show: Great Job” fame on Adult Swim. They are hilarious, check them all out here.

Innovations Pick:

  • The Muppets are at it again, and as always, it’s hilarious and awesome. Their “Easter” video features Big Mean Carl “disguised” as a bunny, singing Ben E. King’s “Stand By Me,” and eating unsuspecting rabbits.

Other Cool Stuff:

Stupid Fight – this will be a viral hit site for sure – which celebrities have the dumbest fans?

Chevy makes biggest record player ever – out of a car

Dominos UK starting and affiliate marketing program

The Johnny Cash Project – if you like Johnny Cash and art, you’ll like this

This week’s contributors:

Dave Rosner

Tiffany Wagner

Erin Hauswirth

Kenton Langstroth

Caroline Giegerich

Marcus Heisser

Shane Rodack

Brien Downie

Neil Hamel


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