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Pop Culture:

  • As we mentioned in Digest past, Conan O’Brien took his show on the road. Recently, he visited LA and our very own Brien Downie was in attendance. He sent us a photo from the event of something we had never seen before – promoting a Twitter hash tag from a live event. The event had flyers posted everywhere asking people to add the hash tag “#cocosback” if they were going to tweet about the show. Judging by Brien’s reaction to the show, Coco is VERY much back. But then again, was he ever really gone?

Technology Highlights:

  • There’s a nerd fight taking place across the web surrounding Facebooks’ new “Open Graph Protocol,” which is based largely around this new “Like button” you’ve probably heard about. The Open Graph Protocol aims to build Facebook social hooks into “every website.” The first of these social hooks is the “Like button”, which replaces the former “Fan Pages.” If you are a fan of something on Facebook, go to that page and you will notice you now “Like” it. They launched with Levi’s, and have also added the Like button to every movie on IMDb. But, the debate roars on – is this move “evil?” How open is “The Open Graph Protocol,” really? Regardless of where that debate nets out, there have already been some really cool sites popping up from this Like button. This one allows you to see everything your friends like on certain sites. Type any site in at the bottom and it will tell you which friends like what. It is VERY cool! This one tracks the most liked stuff across all of Facebook rather than just your friends. This Like button has HUGE web implications – we will continue to bring you coverage.

Marketing Innovation:

  • DDB Stockholm created a very cool interactive billboard for McDonalds. It’s a game that quickly scrolls images, some of which are McDonalds items. If you can capture a snapshot of one of the McDonalds items on your cell phone, you can bring that picture to the nearest McDonalds (which the billboard points you to) and receive that item for free. It’s a very cool and simple way to get people to interact with a billboard.

Viral of the Week:

  • As Seen On TV products – what would we do without them? There are SO many things we do wrong – painfully wrong! But these products save our lives. This week’s viral video is a wonderfully hilarious compilation of all the things As Seen On TV commercials have been telling us we’ve been doing wrong for years.

Innovations Pick:

  • Stealth marketing – it’s shaky ground. On one hand, it’s brilliant, on the other, it’s shady. Blackberry was part of a stealth marketing campaign (though they don’t readily admit it) where they sent attractive women into bars to flirt with men. Eventually, the girls would give the guys their Blackberry phones saying, “put your number in my phone, I’ll totally call you, we’ll go on a date.” But, the girls would never call. It was all a ploy to get the phone in men’s hands so they could see it, feel it, and use it, in the hopes they would like it and go buy it. Now, this questionable tactic is hitting the big screen in a dark comedy starring David Duchovny and Demi Moore as “the heads of a seemingly perfect family that is actually just a team of stealth marketers paid by brands to look perfect and push products on their friends and neighbors.” Could be interesting.

Other Cool Stuff:

Man selling ad space on huge deformed chin to raise money for surgery

BK Value Menu $1 talent show

Augmented Driving GPS on iPhone 3GS

Facebook testing location with RFID at F8

This week’s contributors:

Dave Rosner

Tiffany Wagner

Erin Hauswirth

Kenton Langstroth

Caroline Giegerich

Marcus Heisser

Shane Rodack

Brien Downie

Neil Hamel


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