Technology Highlights – iPhone 4 is here!

iPhone 4 has now been introduced to the world and here’s a rundown on the new details you should know about it:

  1. Front facing camera for video chat
  2. 7hrs 3G talk time
  3. Gyroscope inside and runs on the same chip as the iPad
  4. HD screen AND HD video recording with editing software on the phone
  5. Farmville, Guitar Hero, and Netflix partnerships coming
  6. Advertisers have committed $60 million for iAds for the second half of the year. iAds launch July 1.
  7. Bing! Is now a search engine option
  8. 5 million books downloaded from the iBookstore. iBooks are now 22% of the eBook market, and iBooks is getting PDF support
  9. $199 for a 16 gig version, $299 for a 32 gig version
  10. Goes on sale June 24th

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