Marketing Innovation – Homeless Icemen Melt

Paris has been experiencing a heat wave which is particularly dangerous to the homeless. Last year, 406 homeless people died due to the heat, and that number is on the rise this year. “At winter’s end, a number of homeless shelters close in expectation of the hotter seasons, failing to realize that extended exposure to heat is as dangerous as any other element.” To shed light on this problem, BDDP & Fils, on behalf of the Abbée Pierre Foundation – whose mission is to draw attention and aid for the city’s homeless – set up ice sculptures of bearded men in front of the Louvre pyramid. As they melted, signs written on pieces of cardboard boxes in front of them read, “Beside him, a cardboard sign read:“L’été les SDF** meurent autant que l’hiver. AGISSONS.” (The homeless die as much in summer as in winter. ACT.)”


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