Marketing Innovation – Lundon Dungeon Freak Out

The London Dungeon joined the throngs of marketers who have had to cease marketing campaigns because they were TOO effective. The London Dungeon placed electronic posters on the walls as you went down the escalator to the London Underground (the subway). The posters were promoting a new show called ‘Bloody Mary’ – the daughter of Henry VIII who reigned between 1553 until 1558 and had 300 religious dissenters burned at the stake, earning her the nickname “Bloody Mary.” They wanted to show the dark side of her personality and portray her as a villain, so the poster started as a portrait of her “sitting passively on a chair, “ and as you pass by, she suddenly turns towards you and becomes a freaky zombie, complete with bloody gashes, rotting teeth, and red eyes. The image was so freaky and happened so suddenly, that it scared children to the point where the Advertising Standards Authority asked The London Dungeon to remove the ads for breaching “fear and distress guidelines.” Solid effort, London Dungeon!


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