Innovations Pick – Traffic Light Zombies

Harcos Laboratories, a company that makes several niche energy drinks, created an energy drink in October of 2009 called Zombie Blood Energy Potion that was sold in an IV style bag and has the same color and consistency as blood. Their marketing budget for this drink was a whopping $500. With that kind of cash you strive for something unique that can sprout legs and run on its own rather than going for reach. To accomplish this, they teamed up with Whirled Creative who came up with a great stunt. At a major intersection in Los Angeles that had a traffic camera patrolling it, they got a bunch of their friends to dress up as and act like Zombies. Then, they (very safely) intentionally drove through a red light so the traffic camera would capture all the action. The camera captured zombies all over the intersection, a girl driving a car through the intersection with a zombie in her back seat, bumper stickers on the car reading “I love zombie blood,” and a zombie holding a sign reading, “will work 4 blood.” The press picked up on this and started chatting about it. The ticket from driving through the red light cost them $450 – $50 under their budget and incredibly creative and awesome.


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