Pop Culture – Vevo TV

In September of 1979 The Buggles released their single, “Video Killed the Radio Star.” Little did The Buggles know, that nearly two years later MTV would choose their hit single to do just that as it became the first music video broadcast on MTV. Flash forward almost 30 years – little did anyone know that reality TV would kill the video star. MTV is now known for reality hits like Jersey Shore and The Hills, and Real World and Road Rules before them. The world is no longer screaming, “I want my MTV!” Enter Vevo, a company hell bent on bringing back what MTV has thrown away. As of June 2010, they had about 25,000 music videos from over 7,000 artists – that’s roughly 85% of all professionally produced music videos. Vevo is backed by 3 of the 4 major record labels, and although MTV has a higher trafficked site, Vevo is the top destination for music videos through its standalone site and its partner, YouTube. Now, according to a New York Post interview with Vevo’s CEO, Rio Caraeff, Vevo is poised to transcend the web and bring videos back to primetime TV. What Vevo should remember when decided which video to debut on Vevo TV is, Beyonce [arguably] had the best music video of all time – according to some.


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