Marketing Innovation – Imperial Stars Hwy 101 Stunt

When people describe Los Angeles there’s usually one thing that always comes up – traffic. At every part of the day, on every highway, and every side street, there is traffic. Last Monday, October 12th, was no different, only this time it was caused by an impromptu concert by hardcore hip-hop band, Imperial Stars. Taking a page from bands like U2 who have played concerts on the beds of 18 wheelers rolling through New York City, while driving down Highway 101, Imperial Stars decided to jackknife their branded van in the middle of the highway and play their song “Traffic Jam 101” on the roof. Apparently, this was a stunt to not only promote their band, but also a charity. However, though they did a good job gaining the attention of everyone stopped on the freeway and the news, they didn’t do a very good job of getting their message across, and their music – well, it’s questionable. But, they did manage to get arrested – so they have that going for them.


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