Innovations Pick – C-mon & Kypski Music Video

As we’ve seen with the viral videos of Ok Go, the html5 video of The Wilderness Downtown, and in this editions Pop Culture section with Daft Punk’s Tron music video movie trailer, bands are beginning to find creative and innovative ways to shoot, deliver, and entertain fans with their videos.  This week, the band C-mon & Kypski began soliciting the internet’s help in creating their latest music video. The band asks you to visit, where a button invites you to start your webcam. The site then grabs a frame from the music video and overlays it over your live webcam view so you can match the pose. After you submit your frame, the site automatically re-renders the music video every hour with the new frames inserted over the original ones until the entire video is made over with users completing each frame – it’s a cool video to watch.


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