Marketing Innovation – Parking Ticket Messages

Photo courtesy of psfk

When you’re trying to innovate, it is sometimes easy to look straight for the latest and greatest technology trailblazing paths through the market place. Sometimes, when we slow down, we find that there are great simple innovations to be made right in front of us just by changing the way we currently use something. In this example, designer Mayo Nissen uses parking ticket machines as a communication medium between citizens and their local authorities. “The idea is to enable people to use short forms printed from the embedded receipt printer to detail problems and suggestions for their local areas and submit them to civic officials. The forms will be prepared with local maps to indicate the exact location of a problem so that it can be routed to the appropriate department for a quicker response. The ticket machine can also dispense local authorities’ action lists of issues to tackle, in order to make their work more transparent and accountable.”


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