Marketing Innovation – Will Ken Win Back Barbie?

Mattel has launched a HUGE campaign to let the public decide whether or not Barbie should take Ken back. Barbie and Ken went through a very controversial and public split on Valentine’s Day in 2004. Ken took a few years to try and move on, but in 2006, he decided to start winning Barbie back and now he’s going full force. The campaign marks Ken’s 50th anniversary and has several pieces: a site,, where people can vote if Barbie should take Ken back and shows a Love-O-Meter with the public’s current opinion, on Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare people can follow Ken as he attempts to woo Barbie back by dropping reminiscent memories, sweet nothings, photos, and videos, he posts on these sites about once a day, there is a text campaign where the public can text THUMBS UP or THUMBS DOWN to vote whether they should get back together,  there’s a YouTube page with videos like showing Ken on which says Barbie is his perfect match, billboards in NY and LA with Ken saying, “Barbie you’re the only doll for me,” a reality show on Hulu called Genuine Ken in search for the “real life Ken,” with host Whitney Port from The Hills and The City, all the while Barbie is pushing messages out via social media like, “at a loss with what to do about Ken.” Incredibly integrated, interactive, and just plain fun(ny).


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