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“Black and Yellow” (at the Superbowl) – Wiz Khalifa

You know what it is! This simple but catchy tune from newcomer Wiz Khalifa got a big boost as the Pittsburgh Steelers adopted it as their playoff anthem. The song may be ubiquitous by now, but that doesn’t mean everyone knows the words… Follow ESPN’s cameras as they go backstage at Superbowl XLV and ask the Steelers players to sing along. Discover more about Wiz Khalifa.

R.E.M. – “Oh My Heart”

The pride of Athens, GA return this year with a new album titled Collapse Into Now. Grab a free download of the first single, inspired by the city of New Orleans where R.E.M. spent the last year recording. Collapse Into Now will hit stores on March 8th. Discover more about R.E.M.

Lykke Li – “I Follow Rivers” (Dave Sitek Remix)

Dave Sitek of TV on the Radio has created a compulsive mixture of ‘80s rock with funky grooves on Li’s original. This song is one of the most catchiest songs of 2011 featuring Lykke Li’s delightfully eccentric music with a quivering voice that’s at once childlike and inviting. Wounded Rhymes is out 3/1 via LL Recordings. Discover more about Lykke Li.

Smith Westerns – “Weekend”

Smith Westerns are three young dudes from Chicago making some of the catchiest rock out there right now. They seem to be riding the Marc Bolan revivalist bandwagon as well, but who cares about bandwagons when songs sound this good? Their new album Dye It Blonde is a well crafted piece of work that belies their age. Discover more about Smith Westerns.



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