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Beady Eye – “The Roller”

Get ready to hear this name everywhere. Beady Eye are essentially Oasis, minus controversial lead singer Noel Gallagher. Brother Liam Gallagher formed the offshoot after Oasis officially broke up in 2009, and this week they release their first album, the very Oasis-sounding Different Gear, Still Speeding. The first single “The Roller” is a standout on this, 2011’s best rock album to date.

Discover more from Beady Eye

Lykke Li – “Get Some”

She’s playing ball against the big girls of neo-soul (think: Adele, Duffy, Amy Winehouse) but Swedish-born Lykke Li brings something unique to her music. Her whimsical lyrical sensibility and elf-like vocals has the likes of Pitchfork hooked. Listen to her new album Wounded Rhymes, featuring new single “Get Some” right here. Discover more from Lykke Li

Jamie Woon – “Lady Luck”

Sounding somewhere between Michael Jackson and Massive Attack, London crooner Jamie Woon readies his debut LP with its second single ‘Lady Luck,’ a mid-tempo R&B exercise with a hook and groove so contagious you’ll be dancing on your desk in no time. Discover more from Jamie Woon.


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