Marketing Innovation – Warner Brothers On Facebook

This week, Warner Brothers made a big move by being the first studio to deliver movies through Facebook. Users can rent movies for a 48 hour period for $3 or 30 Facebook credits – currently, they are offering The Dark Knight. It is being suggested that if more studios go this route, Facebook – with its 600 million users – could become a serious Netflix competitor over-night. My problem as a user is I don’t want to pay $3 every time I rent a movie, which is why I user Netflix when I want to watch a movie and iTunes when I want to purchase one. Furthermore, the selection on Netflix is massive, so when I want to “rent” they typically have what I want. The other thing we haven’t determined yet is the viewing quality and experience watching through Facebook – we will send out an update once we have an opinion. So, it could happen, crazier things certainly have, but it will take more to oust Netflix than allowing users to rent movies at $3 a pop.

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