Viral of the Week – Rebecca Black “Friday”

WARNING: This week’s viral is SO bad, it will get stuck in your head. Last Friday, our very own Shane Rodack came across a video on Reddit called “Rebecca Black – Friday (OFFICIAL VIDEO),” which was followed by comments about how horrible it was. It turns out they were correct, as Shane went on to post it on Facebook. At the time, the video had maybe a thousand views. As of today, it has 6.5 million and has spawned an absurd amount of covers (our favorite is here) as well as commentary (the one we agree with is here). Now, when we did a little digging, it turns out that the company mentioned in the beginning, Ark Music Factory, seems to be a scam artist type of company that takes teens and preteens who are so bad – we’re talking American Idol reject but we’ll still show them on TV because they’re so bad, bad – and actually puts on concerts and produces videos for them. Why is it a scam? Because parents are actually paying for their kids to join this “pop star school” and instead of it being classes that teach them and then them working their way up the talent ladder Justin Bieber style, they are simply turning out content that is now spreading like wildfire across the internet and these kids are being completely ridiculed. For example, yesterday was Pi Day, so you can imagine how that turned out.

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