Music – Courtesy of CBS Interactive Music and CBS Radio

TV On The Radio – “Caffeinated Consciousness”

The second single off of TVOTR’s upcoming album, Nine Types of Light, continues to show how this Brooklyn band evolves with each release. The post-punk drive of their early endeavors have successfully combined with the neo-funk grooves of their last two albums, and now the five-piece controls one of the most original rock sounds of the new decade. Discover more from TV On The Radio.

Thom Yorke w/Four Tet & Burial – “Mirror”

The gods of all things electronica came together and decreed three giants finally collaborate. And so Thom Yorke sings over the UK’s top house/dubstep producers, Four Tet and Burial, each critically renown in their own right, producing two of the saddest club tracks since Radiohead’s ‘Idioteque.’ Discover more from Radiohead, Four Tet and Burial.

The Cast of Glee – “Trouty Lips”

This show truly is a juggernaut. Not content with their hit ratings on TV, the folks behind Glee are also making a killing on downloads of the songs from the show. Artists like Madonna, whose songs have been covered on the show, are also smiling big while collecting checks. So who wins when Glee does original music? We all do, because of songs like “Trouty Lips.” Click through to check out Santana’s masterpiece, and don’t forget to listen to GLEE RADIO – the always-on, always Glee radio channel.



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