Pop Culture – LA Noire Brings New Realism to Gaming

LA Noire, the latest game from the publisher of the mega hit Grand Theft Auto, Rockstar Games, is set to hit the streets today. The game will display the latest in motion capture technology and brings a realism to the characters’ faces and body language never seen before. This realism leads directly into the game play – the action takes place in LA in the late 40s and the idea of the game isn’t to simply gun down your enemies, but rather interrogate them and pay attention to their reactions, facial expressions, and body language to make decisions about whether they are telling the truth or not. The more you can predict if they are telling the truth, the more you can get out of them, and the more you can unlock – don’t worry, there are still shoot outs and action sequences between interrogations. The main character is played by Aaron Staton, best known for his role of Kenneth Cosgrove in “Mad Men.” You’ll be blown away by how real his face looks – see if you can spot any other celebrities as you play the game.


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