Viral of the Week – Planking

This week’s viral video was shown to us during a status meeting this week from Australian native and Initiative LA Digital Supervisor on Lionsgate, Neild Agius. Not only is the video going viral, but so is the craze – planking! Planking is, as they describe in the newscast, is where you lie face down expressionless, straighten your arms and legs, and point your fingers and toes, and BAM, you are now a planker! The idea is to plank in places that have never been planked before, take a picture, name it, and throw it up on Facebook. This newscast does an amazing job of showing you all sorts of planks that have been attempted. I would like to note that I agree with the Rugby star they interview about why one man was arrested for planking, and I love the news station’s sense of humor at the end of the video. Apparently, there was some planking taking place in the office after Neild showed this last Friday – thanks Neild!


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