Innovations Pick(s) – Gesture-based iPad Apps Are Here

With the addition of the front-facing camera to the iPad 2, gesture-based applications are finally making their way to the fast-selling device (along with the iPhone 4).   This week we have not one, but TWO, to tell you about.   First is AirVox ($2.99) – a new theramin-like instrument that you control simply by waving your hand.  With roughly 50 different FX to choose from and a several settings to tweak, it’s surprisingly deep right at launch.

The second is a new game called reflow ($.99) – which is hard to put into words.  It’s almost like a next-gen, electronic version of Twister crossed with a puzzle game.  Using the iPad 2’s camera, it requires players to move around and contort themselves while transporting particles around the screen to a specified location.    If that makes no sense to you, we told you… it’s hard to put into words.  You just have to see it for yourself.    For a touch-screen device, it’s funny how excited we get from applications requiring no touching at all!


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