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Marketing Innovation: Chevy Sonic’s Extreme Launch

The folks at Chevrolet are looking for anything but a typical car launch for the all-new Chevy Sonic.   To show they mean business, they’ve already launched the car out of a plane and over the edge of a 100 foot tower strapped to a giant bungee cord (with some help from online viewers.)    You can check out both of these Sonic stunts via their microsite.


Marketing Innovation: Just Dance 3 Autodance App

To promote the launch of Just Dance 3 on video game consoles, Ubisoft has launched Just Dance 3 Autodance  — a new iPhone application that automatically creates personalized dance videos comprised of random clips of you and your friends recorded through your phone.  If you already felt awkward and silly dancing to the video game, you’ll absolutely love the app, because you can upload the videos to Youtube for the entire world to see.    

State Farm’s Interactive Experience

In tandem with their commercials, State Farm’s new interactive experience allows you to enter your street address and watch as a computer generated robot unleashes chaos on your house.

Marketing Innovation: IBM Billboard Adapts to Color

We’re certain that the crazy personalized ad technology from Minority Report is 110% do’able now thanks to today’s available tech, but not everyone is quite ready for it.  Instead, companies like IBM are prepping the public for this shift by offering up harmless gems like this incredible, interactive billboard that changes color based on the clothes you’re wearing.   Throw in a little RFID and Facebook Connect functionality, and we’re pretty much there.

Target Messaging To Individuals

Some digital advertising screens will soon be using facial recognition to tailor messaging to the person looking at the display. Kraft and Adidas are looking into this technology in the not too distant future. I see the biggest use of this technology at point of purchase at vending machines or on grocery aisles.

NYC Restaraunt Moves To All iPad Environment

Getting people to think about buying products is always in a mrketer’s mind but making it easier for customers to transact is becoming increasingly important in a world where everything is on-demand. New York restaurant De Santos is looking to find efficiency in this space by switching to a complete POS System that runs on iPads. Restaurant staff can take orders and charge credit cards tableside all with a custom POS system that cost roughly ½ what the existing system cost the restaurant owner.

Marketing Innovation: Shadow Art Billboard

Just when we thought billboards were pushed to their limits, someone comes and surprises us every single time.   This innovative placement for Newcastle comes alive at night, creating a ghostly shadow image as light is projected onto 3,000 bottle caps.   The billboard, located in San Diego, is sure to scare the heck out of the late night drinking crowd as the stumble by it.