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Things You May Have Missed


Things You May Have Missed

Things You May Have Missed

Things you may have missed

Re-imagining the printer – iPad style

Moviegoers stunned to find theater full of angry looking bikers in beer stunt

Don’t let those Oreo crumbs go to waste… enter the Oreo Crumb Case

How to enable Facebook’s timeline feature NOW

Striiv keychain merges fitness with rewards and games

Things You May Have Missed

NASA to Launch LEGO figurines in space

World’s largest stop motion video filmed by three Nokia N8 phones

The most complicated connect-the-dots ever

China closes pair of fake Apple stores

Knight Rider’s KITT comes to TomTom nav systems

Kia creates first stop motion ad entirely on fingernails

Things You May Have Missed

Planking evolves – introducing the Leisure Dive

Musicially gifted robot can jam with you

Guy builds powerful Iron Man style palm laser

Digital art battle featuring ?uestlove, Ibomba, The Fire and Reason

Ad-killing app replaces Times Square signage with art

Fabio takes on Isaiah “Old Spice Guy” Mustafa in Old Spice’s Mano a Mano in El Baño

Things You May Have Missed

Band releases single on playable, edible chocolate

Porsche partners with LaCie for new hard drive series

Justin Timberlake joins Myspace creative team following $35MM sale

Google launches new social network, Google+

‘World of Fourcraft’ utilizes Foursquare and Google Maps to turn NYC into a game of Risk

The sound of a modem slowed down by 700% is very, very creepy

Robo-dog?  Meet the world’s first prosthetic dog

Why Turntable.FM is the most exciting social service of the year