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Technology Highlight: BrandTable Makes Ordering Easy

Imagine this – you’re at the mall and instead of waiting in line at the food court just so you can deal with some punk kid with an attitude, you can just sit a table and swipe your phone to order a delicious, greasy meal.    With NFC (Near Field Communication) technology and this innovative BrandTable concept, that’s exactly what you’ll be doing.    The punk kid with an attitude is still going to have to give you your food though… for now.


Technology Highlight: Clone Your Face with a 3D Printer

If you ever wanted a creepy clone of yourself but never had the cash to hire a team of genetic scientists, here’s the next best thing – a mask of your face created by high-tech 3D printers.    Just in time for Halloween, you can order one of these for just a measly $4,000 from Japanese company Real-f.   If only they had these back when Face/Off came out, things would have been much less painful for Nicolas Cage and John Travolta.

Siri, type this blog post for me….

Yesterday amidst many rumors including built in NFC and sleek phone design, the iPhone 4S was announced. Instead of much anticipated upgrades, the 4S will be a notch better than the 4 with improved features such as the powerful A5 processor, 8mp camera, and the built in virtual assistant Siri.

Technology Highlight: Coffee Fueled Car Breaks Records

While it’s true that coffee fuels so many of us on a daily basis, did you know it can also be used to fuel an automobile?    The first successful attempt at running a car on coffee (through a process called gasification) actually happened back in 1988, but the latest incarnation has shattered records with a top speed of 66.5mph thanks to the group at Teesdale Conservation Volunteers.  The car, a rare Rover SD1, looks a little like Doc Brown’s DeLorean if it were made by a crazy person who hangs out in junkyards.

E-Ink! What A Beautiful Thing

We’ve seen the Tyvek Wallets, but that’s nothing compared to the E-Ink display on Tyvek cloth mail bags. I can’t help but to imagine the many applications of this technology, perhaps one day IKEA could include this type of display on their instruction manuals so that I can finally figure out how to assemble my closet organizer.

HP Discontinues WebOS

HP announced last week that they were to discontinue their struggling mobile operating system WebOS. Shortly after, Best Buy and other retailers announced that they were selling the WebOS enabled TouchPad for $99 (16gb) or $149 (32 gb). Best Buy quickly sold out of their initial inventory alluding to the possibility of more TouchPads on sale “soon.”

Technology Highlights- Surrogates

Once thought far-fetched, films like Avatar and Surrogates could soon be reality.  No, we won’t be visiting Pandora anytime (unless it’s to listen to music), but soon you can be in another place without ever leaving your house.   The bizarre solution involves projecting your face onto a miniature, low-flying blimp and using an attached camera as your eyes.  It’s a unique concept for sure and a great first step, but why not just use this guy?