Viral of the Week: PS3 spot pays tribute to “Michael”

We’ve got to hand it to Sony – they really hit it out of the park with our viral pick of the week – simply titled “Michael.”   Their new video for the Playstation 3 perfectly tugs on the heartstrings of gamers everywhere. It’s chock full of enough cameos and Easter eggs to appeal to even Xbox owners.  (Ok, maybe that’s a stretch.)   The unexpected ending ties it all together beautifully, ensuring this clip goes down in viral video history as one to remember…  To Michael!!!


Innovations Pick: Fresh Pizza… From a Vending Machine?

Pizza from a vending machine… sounds kind of gross, right?    Well, what if that pizza was freshly prepared and cooked right in front of your eyes?  This new breakthrough in automated, self-service food from the wizards at Pizzametry can do it all – in just over 90 seconds per pie.   The machine, still a prototype, is sure to be a huge hit at college campuses and bachelor pads (millionaire bachelors, of course) when it’s finally ready for prime time.

Things You May Have Missed

QR Codes On Rooftops

Austin based firm Blue Marble promises free advertising in Google Maps by placing QR codes onto the rooftop of buildings.

State Farm’s Interactive Experience

In tandem with their commercials, State Farm’s new interactive experience allows you to enter your street address and watch as a computer generated robot unleashes chaos on your house.

Siri, type this blog post for me….

Yesterday amidst many rumors including built in NFC and sleek phone design, the iPhone 4S was announced. Instead of much anticipated upgrades, the 4S will be a notch better than the 4 with improved features such as the powerful A5 processor, 8mp camera, and the built in virtual assistant Siri.

Arrested Development Is Back!

To all of the Bateman/Arnett fans out there, hold on to your Segway’s because Arrested Development is BACK for a bonus season in 2013. Soon to follow will be a full length feature film.